This is the type of award that all home based small businesses want to receive. It signifies that you are proven honest, reputable, and forthright. It means you have made your business a labor of love and that you are ready and willing to help your customers in any way that you can! 

You don't have to have the most creative page in the World Wide Web, but you must have sincerity and conviction. This is not a token award for free advertising. There are criteria that must be met, or you will not receive this particular award. 

Here are those guidelines (subject to any necessary alterations by this award panel):
We will do not accept link pages that do not promote one specific at home business. You must have a business, with products to sell if you would like to win this award. The previous link page winners will be grandfathered in, but from 8-20-98 and forward, there will be no more free for all link sites or sites that contain only business opportunity links considered for this award.

1. You must operate at least 1/4 of your business from your home. 

2. You must display your product information sincerely and prominently if allowed. (some MLM's must be testimonial only with email for more specific information and we understand that!) 

3. You will not be some sort of mill or cattle-call to build a downline. While it is ok to offer a distributorship, we are not accepting MLM's who bash each other with claims of being best. It is tasteless, and it implies that other reputable businesses are bad. If you want your business to appear reputable, do not engage in word battles on your pages. You promote your business honorably and ethically. If you are caught in this practice, you will be asked to remove your award and your link will be removed as well.

4. If you find any links that do not work, or if you move or delete your pages, please notify us so that we can remove the link(s). We want to be a valuable and accurate resource for people to turn to as well as be proud to be associated with.

If you have happened on this page by chance and you believe you are worthy of this award, please feel free to submit yourself. You may also nominate any page(s) you happen across that may qualify. We are always hoping to find more of you to support! If you are not accepted, you may choose to alter your site to conform to the above criteria, or you may choose to seek another award. It is our hope, though that you will see the value of being associated with an award that has high standards and ideals. An award that will make you proud to say

I Gave It My Best Shot!

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